Deep South Regional Paste It Notes
I hope this is a busy time of the year for everyone! Things are picking up around Northern, Southern Louisiana and North Texas.
This year is a membership drive year and Julie Young from Houston hosted the first meeting. It was February 19th for the local paperhangers to meet the guild and I want to thank her for taking time to have the meeting. I was supposed to go; however I got sick and was in the hospital and did not get to attend. There was a good turn out and the installers want to have another meeting. I want everyone to welcome our newest member, Donald Dye from Sugarland Texas. He came to the meeting that Julie hosted.
I want to have a meeting in Northern Louisiana and the Dallas/Ft. Worth area this year. I have not scheduled any dates on this yet. It is almost time for us to have our teleconference call, but I havenít scheduled it yet, but I am planning on the end of April or the first part of May. Nancy Terry will send out an email with the number for yaíll to call into.
This yearís convention will be in Columbus Ohio and the convention committee has been working on a fantastic venue. So please start planning on coming. Teaser!!!!Some of the classes we are discussing are installing rigid materials and another one is installing window graphics. This is a must for todayís jobs. More knowledge brings in more dollars $$$$! It was threw last yearís convention that Jeanette Gilbreath, Chris Johnson and Michael King from North and South Texas came to work a Gracie project together. They obviously networked well together, because they just finished up another project together. So donít be afraid to ask someone else in your region to help you on a project if you are not sure how to work with the material, it can turn into a profitable learning experience for you.
Also this year is also an election year for Regional Directors for National Guild of Professional Paperhangers. We are changing the regions, going from eight regional directors to five. I will be running for our area, which will be called the South region. The new south area coverage is eleven states. Consisting of: AL / AR / TX / OK / TN / LA / MS / FL / GA / NC / SC Please vote! I will need your support! I am sorry to say that I will be losing the Colorado state. It will be moved the West. They are a thriving chapter and I hate to lose them! Terri Trapp sent me the information for their first meeting for this year. It is as follows:
Spring Chapter Meeting: 12:00--12:30 Meet, Greet, & Eat. ***12:30--Presentation by Blender Design Group. They design wallpapers with their original art work.***AGENDA: 1--Poly carbonate double cutting strips sold by Steve Boggess (NGPP member). 2--Peel and hang papers and borders. 3--NGPP'S request to host national convention in Denver.
The location will be Wall Resources @ 7100 N. Broadway Suite 8-C Denver 80221 This will be pot luck. Please RSVP to Terri and sign up for food or beverage.
Thank you and look forward to seeing everyone at our first meeting for 2012.

Also, we are already planning the 2013 convention to be somewhere in the West. We do not know where the location will be yet. There are several areas that we are looking at right now.

If you have any questions or if you would like to make a statement for the next paste it note please let me know. You can contact me by cell phone 903 530-0634 or by email
Happy Hanging Everyone!
Pam McCartney
Deep South Regional Director
Chris Johnson
Deep South Regional Alternate