Purpose of the Photo Forum:

a. Allow NGPP installers a showcase to show off their work.
b. Allow the photos to be used in other portions of the website to show off the beauty of wallpaper.

People who post photographs here agree:

a. Allow the use of their photographs to be used by the NGPP. This usage may be in the form of website, print, or other utilization.
b. No compensation for use will be given other than photo/installation credit.

When posting please include the following if known:

a. Installer's name or Company name
b. Wallpaper manufacturer (if known)

Photo posting limitations:

a. Photos may be no bigger than 1200x1200 pixels in dimensions.
b. Photos may be no bigger than 1 megabite in file size.
c. You can only post one photo per post. Each additional photo needs a seperate new post to allow attaching a picture from your hard drive.

Photo Forum Warning:

Depending on the amount and type of photos posted, some pages may take a very long time to load depending on your local modem speeds. As a head's up to fellow viewers, if you know that you have a lot of large photos in your post, you might do the courtesty of adding (56k warning) to the title of your post to let slower modem users know ahead of time.