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Thread: Wallpaper Rep wants to know about labor costs in CT

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    Wallpaper Rep wants to know about labor costs in CT


    I have been a wallpaper rep in Denver for the past 34 years. I hear that the National Convention will be here next year and I canít wait !!! We are all very excited to have you all come to town.

    I have a question about labor costs on the East Coast.

    I have a designer in Scottsdale, AZ who is looking for an installer in the Westport, CT area. She received a bid from someone in the area and I was surprised by the pricing. I expect that labor costs are higher in the East. The job is not a large one. Two accent walls and a Powder room, about 14 rolls over all. So, I expected the job to be on the high end.

    However, I was surprised that the installer quoted $100 per single roll to hang run-of-the-mill grasscloth. Just your basic Seagrass. The kind that sells for $40 a roll NET.

    I was also surprised that they were suggesting lining paper under all the grasscloth. The bid including additional time for priming and the labor to hang a residential silkscreen was priced at $65 a single roll. Denver prices are about $40-45 a single for a high end installer, so the $65 a roll is not a surprise. But, we rarely install lining paper under grasscloth. Actually, we have knock-down, so we tend to skim-coat and rarely use lining paper at all.


    I am not trying to open up a can of worms on a public forum, but are those kind of prices the norm?


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    Re: Wallpaper Rep wants to know about labor costs in CT

    I agree that $100 per single for grasscloth sounds a little high, but not unheard of, and although I love to recommend lining paper for handprints and other 100% paper products, I don't see the need for using it under grasscloth. Here in the northeast (I have a couple of customers in Westport, but it is a little far for me), we (or at least me for sure!) hang tons of Phillip Jeffries grasscloth and it is very pricey but the quality is excellent. 90% of my customers come with a decorator, and all the designers pick Phillip Jeffries grasscloth every time, unless price is an issue from the get-go. If the room is complicated, and you trim every sheet to "balance each wall", and the customer wants perfection, you charge appropriately, and you deliver!! And almost every pro hanger I know charges by the job, not by the roll.

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